Ignorance Begets Ignorance

I have a firm belief – if I don’t know about the topic being discussed, I educate myself. In that regard, the saying “It is better to be thought a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt about it” is apt.

So, when people blatantly talk about issues that they have virtually no knowledge about, or perpetuate stereotypes under the guise of “spreading information”, they do more harm than good. They do a disservice to their own intellect as well as to others.

Take the case of this one blog, for instance – “Real World by Pulkit Mohan Singla“. While I applaud the author’s initiative in tackling socially taboo issues and writing about them, it doesn’t help a single bit when the information he chooses to pass off as “facts” are, in fact, blatant generalizations and stereotypes that exist in society.

Any person who is the least bit familiar with social psychology would see the logical fallacies that litter Mr Singla’s blog posts. He writes about sensitive issues without doing proper research; or, if he even does his research, it doesn’t show in his prose. Most of his text reads like a litany of an ignorant person spouting off the first thing he hears on the next gossip column. All this, he tries to deliver as facts with sentences beginning with “and the fact is…”. In other words, he tries to feign objectivity.  

Therein lies the biggest problem. When talking about sensitive issues like prostitution, sexual orientation, gender, virginity, feminism, etc, it is imperative that one doesn’t feign objectivity. These issues are so personal, and so culturally relative, that to make blanket statements like “Most of the gay men don’t like anal sex with an obvious reason it’s very painful” is considered rude, uninformed, and bigotry. Mr Singla makes this claim in a post titled “Why Gay Men Knowingly Take Risk in Sex“.

All this begs the question – Who is Mr Singla? What makes him competent enough to write about such issues with such an authority that it comes off as he has been a social scientist for decades? Even prominent social scientists like Karl Marx, Adam Smith, Ruth Vanita, Diane Richardson, etc recognized the danger in feigning objectivity and the damage it can do. Their works are based on real-world experiences that is backed by solid, easily defensible positions.

That brings me to my next point – If you are writing about something, make sure the position you take is one you can easily defend. That is the basics of a good writing style – a thing that is taught in basically every renowned educational institution in the world. As I write this post, I can still hear my College Writing professor drilling me, “your thesis should be clear, concise, argumentative, and easily defensible.” She also explicitly stated that one should avoid generalizations as they tend to make your thesis weak.

So Mr Singla, when you say things like “Most of the gay men are lonely and depressed and they are fully dependent on there fuck buddies and friends” or “Most of them are not optimistic but are passing time with the dependency on sex”, you are not doing anyone any justice – especially to your writing, people’s opinion of you, your credibility, and your reliability.

For example, this blog post easily picked apart your entire argument you put forth in the post titled “Why Heterosexual men hate homosexual men?” To be honest, I can do the same with almost every blog post you have written on social issues. But, that would not do you any good as that will not educate you on what you’re doing wrong; just point out your mistakes.

So, Lesson 101 on writing a blog post – make it personal. Make sure you communicate what makes you qualified to write on that subject. Make sure what you write is your own opinion and that it is clear that it is your opinion from your prose. Back up your facts with credible sources that support your argument. Do your research and know what prominent scholars are saying on the issues. And please, don’t spread misinformation that are based on your own, or society’s, stereotypes and preconceived notions.

Oh, and for god’s sake…make an “About Me” page. It’s very important.

Served with a pinch of salt and a hint of lemon by,


Note: This post is my opinion and I have made my best to make it obvious. 😀



4 thoughts on “Ignorance Begets Ignorance

  1. have read one of Mr. Singla’s post…Honestly speaking..i myself could not relate to what he had written about Gay men..stereotyping was what i could conclude from his essay..but have not read ever again owing to lack of time and energy so would refrain from discussing about his writings in particular..but what u have written is exactly the fact..few people are present who have lack of knowledge about the subject yet make statements which spreads wrong information and creates wrong image about that particular topic/group/situation etc…thats why sensitization is really very important in such cases..a Good Initiative by you Bikram…Keep it up..:)

  2. Pulkit Mohan Singla’s reasoning and logic is Over & Over 100% correct on his topic – his topic “How do gay men live their married lives with straight wife’s ?

    Relationship cannot be measured in statistics. In this matter, Facts cannot be placed as the entire issue is based on Allegations. Facts are what most gay-married men hide to cover up their inability to handle a straight relationship. This is precisely why divorce process is long and cumbersome.

    The entire problem begins when a gay guy decides to continue staying in the closet and pretend to be of a straight sexual orientation. Somewhere, I had posted a long post on how ‘determined’ a Gay-But-Married man successfully puts up a valiant show in bed with his partner in the first 3 months of his marriage with a straight women, only to realize thereafter that it is just not possible to fake anymore. Many gay-married men take the aide of viagara. Once they reach the limit of their pretentions, the game of accusation begins against the partner. Pulkit’s blog represents minute observation and a factual situation.

    One has to live it to understand it !!!

    Gay men should build up courage to come out of the closet to avoid this disastrous future. And this could be possible by regularly being a part of Gay “non-sexual” / creative / productive Meets that happen every month. This builds up one’s psychological courage and a sense of moral support from the LgbtQ community.

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