The “I’m bored” post

So, I’m sitting in the waiting room while my mom is inside getting her passport renewed. It doesn’t take a mad genius to figure out that I’m going to be extremely bored. Hence, I get to bore you with my ranting.
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Hello Everyone!

This is my welcome post. I finally decided that since I have an opinion on almost everything, it’s better that I find a place to express myself. Considering that writing is pretty much the only creative outlet I have, it was a no-brainer for me to start my own blog.

I hope you will enjoy reading my posts as much as I will enjoy writing them. Feel free to comment, agree, disagree, rant, rave, discuss all you want. Comment section is open. But please, constructive criticism only.

Looking forward to this journey.

With a pinch of salt and a hint of lemon by,